About Us

About Us

Virtual Perspective is a Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality production studio based in Newcastle, Australia. We are a group of passionate individuals, and early adopters, combining our strengths to create an ethical, innovative company offering solutions previously unavailable with older technology. We create custom interactive and immersive simulation software working across a wide variety of industries.

Timothy Davidson

Creative Director

Tim has over 10 years experience within the 3D animation, visualisation and digital media fields. Tim has worked on projects of various sizes for clients all around the globe primarily within the engineering, architectural and archaeological industries, for such companies as Hatch and The University of Queensland. Tim’s passion is to discover new & creative ways that technology and visualisation can revolutionise education by changing the way that we learn.

Ivan Demidov

Technical Director

Ivan’s extensive background in technological innovation has allowed Virtual Perspective to produce some truly unique products for our clients. Ivan has over 10 years experience in the IT & technology development industries. His desire is to most efficiently harness the power of technology to best meet the needs of our clients.

Sam Parker

Head of Operations & Marketing

Sam is a Marketing and Communications specialist who's worked in various areas of the tech industry for the past 5 years. With an ability to be the bridge between a clients vision and the design and development process, Sam ensures every project is successful through strategic advice and streamlined project management.

Allen Migdal

3D Specialist

Allen has over 20 years experience within the design, illustration, 3D animation, 4D visualisation and digital media fields. Allen has worked on projects of various scopes for clients primarily within the power generation, engineering, manufacturing and government sectors, for such companies as Ontario Hydro and Hatch. Allen’s goal is bringing innovative ideas to life, for a more engaged audience, through the power of visualisation.

Charles Huynh

3D Animation & Technical Lead

Charles has a background in various fields such as 3D animation, digital media and game development. He has had a fascination for art and technology ever since he was young & this is reflected in his obsession for perfection and to create amazing products of high quality.

Simon Moffatt

Marketing Coordinator

Simon’s background in Marketing and Communications started 4 years ago and has since become specialised in digital and content marketing. Having worked in multiple industries, such as sports, fashion and recreation, his passion for creating content to tell a story is reflected in Simon’s outside of the box thinking and strategic planning which allows projects to be creative yet effective.

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