Virtual Reality Pro’s & Con’s People love getting caught up in new trends and buzz words. How many times have you been having a conversation and someone throws in the words virtual reality, innovative, extended reality or convergent industries? Well, they are words and terms that are useful but a lot of the time used just to spark interest. So in this blog we are going to look at the pro’s and con’s of  Virtual reality so you can make the right decision. Virtual reality…Continue Reading “Virtual Reality Pro’s and Con’s”

Is Video Marketing Worth It In 2019? When talking about video marketing in 2019, it is a very broad subject that can cover a variety of streams. Rewind to when families would gather around a television and watch their favourite sitcoms and the only video marketing they would be exposed to would be those of the ads that came on. Everything from up coming TV programs to the savings at Coles as well as what medication you need and of coarse who could ever forget…Continue Reading “Is Video Marketing Worth It In 2019?”

Testing Competencies By Using Virtual Reality Fake it till you make it. That is maybe one of the most dangerous phrases and mindsets an employee can have. But how can an employer be certain that their candidates are telling the truth about their skill sets in the interview process? Traditional testing such as Q&A, exams and others can only show a certain amount of knowledge. Now with Virtual Reality, employers can test a potential candidate in a life like simulation. Exner Group see the potential…Continue Reading “Testing Competencies By Using Virtual Reality”

Improve Your Pitch With AR & VR Pitching a new idea or concept can be a nerve-racking and exhausting experience. One of the hardest things to achieve when you are trying to convince people to invest in your ideas is bridging the gap between what you’re saying and what your investors imagine. By using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality you can ensure that there is no miscommunication when you are pitching your ideas. Virtual Reality By using Virtual Reality (VR) as an aid in your pitch or…Continue Reading “Improve Your Pitch With AR & VR”

Medical Virtual & Augmented Reality The Australian Institution of Health and Welfare estimates that by 2057 there will be 8.8 million more older people in Australia then there was in 2017. That is a 7% increase in people over the age of 65. Medical professionals have already identified this as something that will create a massive strain on the medical system in Australia. Training and educating people in this field is not an easy task either. It takes a lot of time and a lot of resources…Continue Reading “Medical VR & AR”

Using Virtual Reality To Eliminate Risk When training for something like a fire, there isn’t much you can do to make the training as real as possible without actually lighting a fire. This raises many issues and hazards which would see the practice of fire fighting an actual fire never ignite. That’s why some companies have turned to using virtual reality to train employees what to do and what equipment to use in case of a fire. Other industries that are too dangerous to do…Continue Reading “Using Virtual Reality To Eliminate Risk”

Where To Advertise In 2019 It’s now time to swap the lazy days at the beach back to 8 hour days at work. So how are you going to make 2019 better than 2018 for your business? Everybody would of had this thought run through their head over the festive season, including us, so we have decided to take a look at the predictions for where to advertise in 2019. Voice Technology The craze of voice assistants was massive in 2018. Videos of people using their…Continue Reading “Where To Advertise In 2019”

3D Rendered Images: The Basics You may have heard the term ‘3D render’ lately – especially when it comes to real estate or development. Essentially an image that looks just like a photograph but can’t be because the building, apartment, park or patio (or whatever it might be) doesn’t exist yet? But what is it? 3D rendered images is when realistic 2D images are created from 3D modelled objects. Think of it as taking a photo of an object or setting from a particular view point with your…Continue Reading “The Basics of 3D Rendering”

Do you really get what you pay for when it comes to logo’s? If you are not aware, there are plenty of websites out there like Fiverr and Freelancer where you can  submit your brief, and random designers will create you a logo to that brief. EXACTLY TO THAT BRIEF… So that means that if things change, unless you’ve decided exactly what you want and are also a talented descriptive writer, then you are probably not going to get exactly what you want and you won’t have someone…Continue Reading “Should you pay more for a logo?”

Technology Helping Ease The Pain If you’ve ever read our other posts, you’ll notice that if it relates to technology helping with illness, I will include it. I think it’s amazing how some people are really thinking outside of the box to help those who need it the most. In this blog I’m going to show you my favorite aids that are helping people deal with their everyday struggles. 1. My Special Aflac Duck Aflac is a company that provides financial protection to policyholders that get sick…Continue Reading “Technology Helping Ease The Pain”