Augmented Reality Encouraging Outdoor Activities

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You probably won’t hear many people say that, but we think that outdoor activities such as hiking, biking or even taking the kids to the park can be just as fun (if not better) with technology!

Imagine you are walking through beautiful ancient woodland, you come across a marker in the woods and use it as a target to activate a character on your phone screen that will tell you all about woodcutting in the 1930’s.

Your hike is no longer just taking in the surroundings, it’s an interactive and educational adventure! The possibilities of using Augmented Reality are not slowing down either. One of the most exciting avenues being explored in Outdoor Augmented Reality is getting kids off couches and into the wild.

We have all heard of Pokemon Go! No matter your opinion on it, we can all agree that it got people outside and exploring. So have you ever heard of a Gruffalo?

The Gruffalo Spotter is an app designed to help spot Gruffalo’s at Hamsterley Forest. The self-led trails are packed with fun facts about forest animals with fantastic family friendly activities along the way. It keeps the kids engaged, fit and off the couch.

But what if you want to relax and let the kids roam? Well a very cool company called Geo AR Games has made this a possibility. Magical Park turns a normal park into a digital playground allowing kids to enjoy an imaginary world as if it was real.

What if you want to ditch this reality all together? Well, you can do that too by creating an Augmented Reality Portal. By entering an inter-dimensional portal you can walk the same route every day…differently!

You don’t have to leave this reality either. If you and a friend walk the same route or even partially the same route to work you can leave messages for each other. WallaMe allows you to leave your art or message to anyone who is connected.

These are only a few of the Outdoor Augmented Reality apps on the market, there are many more to discover and I’m sure many more to be created. So don’t think you can’t use technology to enjoy your time exploring the great outdoors.


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