Augmented Reality: Will 2018 Be It’s Best Year?

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Have you used Augmented Reality this year? Chances are the answer is “yes”. Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram filters are maybe the most used form of AR.

A year ago, we were told that Magic Leap joins the likes of Microsoft, Meta, ODG, Mira and DAQRI to launch an AR headset. Among this news, and the fact that every second person was taking a selfie as a cute dog on Snapchat, made people think 2018 will be the year of AR. But do you think it was? And more importantly, do you think it will be?

The statistic below from Statista shows a forecast for the global augmented and virtual reality market size for 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2022. The market is expected to reach a market size of 209.2 billion U.S dollars.

The thought behind this assumption is that AR could potentially change how we interact with digital systems in our work and at home.

We already see it with an increase in smartphone penetration and the advances in internet as well as computer technology. Consumers provide a very stable platform for augmented reality because of their attachment to their smartphones and tablets, which is at a constant need for improvement as consumers get bored and tired of old technologies.

theodolite augmented reality

If you’re an explorer, this app will have you at your knees. It allows you to know real-time information about your altitude, bearing, range, position and inclination through your phone’s live camera. Theodolite is a perfect example of an app that is catering for consumers. It is also breaking the mold of tech geeks sitting in their rooms playing video games.

What about for the every day user? We have all lost our car before and this app is one that can make that frantic search for your car in a Westfield shopping center a lot easier. You might be thinking that nobody would actually download this app, but it’s had over ONE MILLION downloads.

Its pretty hard to predict the future at times, but by just looking at these two apps and how simple the ideas are, its not too difficult to see that Augmented Reality is only just warming up and that 2018 will be a stepping stone into the long and successful life of AR.

Simon is a Marketing and Communications specialist. He is the Marketing Coordinator for Virtual Perspective as well as runs his own freelance marketing services under the name Alpenglow Digital.

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