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Virtual reality has increased in popularity in regards to training employees for real-life situations. American company Strivr worked closely with Wal-Mart to simulate the frenzy of panicked customers an employee would face during a Black Friday shift. The simulation was so realistic that when MIT Technology Review’s senior editor Rachel Metz took part in the Virtual Reality experience, she also experienced the same shivers run up her spine that she did when covering it as a reporter.

A similar experience we have created at Virtual Perspective is the Dementia Empathy Training for Hunter New England health. This simulation allows nurses to experience, first-person, the perspective of someone suffering from dementia whilst in a poorly set up hospital room. During the experience the user will find it hard to do the simplest tasks whilst machines, shadows and other elements of the room come to life showing the user what it might be like as a patient, highlighting the importance of proper care and room set up to prevent injury, falls or unnecessary discomfort.

Within the medical profession virtual reality has gone beyond training and is now used to make agonizing physical therapy less painful for burn victims as they immerse themselves in Snow World, an interactive virtual reality program specifically designed to overcome pain.

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