Virtual Reality Deciding Your Next Holiday

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Sometimes planning a trip overseas or even down the coast for a weekend can be more hassle than it’s worth. Weather can be a downer and…yes I’ll say it…sometimes the company can be too. Taking part in a staycation has its negatives too, like the fact you’re not really doing anything. But what if you could get the experience without leaving your home?

Choosing a destination can be tough, especially if you’re on a budget. So what some companies have done is brought the destination to you. Immersive 360 videos like the Stokes Bay on Kangaroo Island in South Australia showcase exactly what it’s like to be there. You can take this a few different ways. It might get you packing and on the road, or looking for something else. Either way it will help you with your holiday decision.

Taking it to the next level, what about exploring somewhere you would never dare? Going to the Caribbean might sound like a no-brainer, what about diving into the depths and seeing things you can only see if you take the plunge? Enjoy this 360 video of scuba diving in the Bahamas and leave your fear of the deep blue sea behind!


This next one does require you to leave the house. Virgin Experience Days had a VR skydive on offer and it looks intense. Strap on your headset, step into the wind tunnel and away you go!


These are only a few options out there that include Virtual Reality holidaying or experiences. No matter what you choose, I really hope that its better than the KAYAK Virtual Holiday…

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