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In 2018 Virtual Reality has become an incredible tool for all types of marketing. Whether it is the Volvo XC90 Experience that allows consumers to test drive a car in their own home or VERYX, a food processing company that took potential customers on a self-guided tour without visiting their production line.



In some professions it’s nearly impossible to show your clients the product due to accessibility and sometimes safety. Using VR you can show mining equipment that may not even be built yet to a client in the safety of their own office.


By creating 360-degree videos that immerse your client in virtual reality you are not only selling them a product or service, you are also giving them something that they can experience. The days of telling someone your ‘WHY’ are passing. Now you can show them.

Simon is a Marketing and Communications specialist. He is the Marketing Coordinator for Virtual Perspective as well as runs his own freelance marketing services under the name Alpenglow Digital.

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