Engineering And Industry

Engineering And Industry

Do you want secure a tender, bid or proposal?
Is your business trying to complete a feasibility study or environmental impact statement?
Is your company trying to gain investment and government approval for that next big expansion?

Virtual Perspective have the solution to increase your chances of success.

Our services will prove invaluable in assisting your engineering business in proposals, tenders and feasibility studies. When proposing a project concept or design, our 3D animations and virtual reality simulations enable all parties to see the design from the final user perspective. In urban or industrial planning & development, our services are especially effective when analysing and observing environmental and geographical impacts of a project. Our services enable designers and developers to assess that the final product aesthetically fits into the landscape or geographical area and all government (environmental / societal) requirements are able to be met. It also allows the design team to easily examine the effects of weather, traffic, user interaction and operations on a project or development. Virtual Perspective seek to provide only the highest quality products to our clients. We have extensive experience producing visualisations for the engineering and industrial development, mining and industry, town planning / infrastructure / urban development industries. This allows us to fully customise our service to best meet the needs of your business.

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